PokerRebel is a solution for online poker players all over the world. PokerRebel is not a gambling site.

PokerRebel is a professional military themed poker Software.

Poker taken to a whole new level. Play poker, receive rewards and unlock new playing levels!

The gameplay is based on Credits, Rebels' virtual currency. With credits you can "buy-in" to prize tournaments and play ring games. Credits are auto-generated (for each played hand)

PokerRebel is a military themed poker software, where you may enjoy the game for free with your friends and win add-ons for your soldier avatar, join teams and finally, gain rank and conquer the world by playing poker!

Currently there are four types of games available: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and 7 Card Stud.




— User reviews — about PokerRebel

  • ctaylor.pokerrebel

    by ctaylor.pokerrebel

    "Worth it!"

    A cool graphic interphase, nice games and tournaments. Role game + Poker is a very nice combination + the special featur... More.

    reviewed on May 12, 2014